The Eighth Day of Cuffmas Brings… Silver Angles

Angled Silver Fold Formed Cuff ©2011 WTEK

You read that right – angles not angels. And really it’s just one big angle. I love the way it fits and it looks different depending on which arm it graces.

Lately I’ve been using outlined folds in my cuffs. It makes them simpler, more minimalist, I think. This particular cuff has a background texture that was hammered in and it was folded on an angled piece of silver, so one end is wider than the other. The silver was then oxidized to bring out all the fabulous textures.

This sterling cuff measures 2″ x 2.25″ x 1.75″ (at the widest part) and it can grace your arm for $175.00 plus shipping.

What are the 12 Days of Cuffmas, you ask? For each cuff on my Etsy site that is purchased, I will donate $10.00 to Heifer International. Our goal is to reach the $120.00 it takes to donate a goat.