Penultimate AEDM Post

Day #25 More Crazy Circles

November is almost over and with it ends Art Every Day Month.  I’ve been sketching away and have obviously made this sketchbook about texture.

I’ve also been working on five new cuffs and setting everything up for the 12 Days of Cuffmas.  While I sit and wait for Table Top studios to restock their photo background paper, I have to spend a ton of time cleaning up the scratches out of my photos.  IT REALLY SUCKS!  But the cuffs are awesome, I don’t clean their scratches up ;^)

Day #26 7 Pointed Star
Day #28 - Something Simple
Day #27 - I traced my dog's snout - he's very accomodating!
This one isn't done yet and I'm not totally OK with the texture I'm using, but you gotta try new things, right?
One of my new cuffs ©2011 WTEK copper

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