Black Dog Friday!

I seriously avoid places like the mall on Black Friday.  But I do support black dogs everyday.  So here is some cuteness to get you through the craziness.

That’s right, these are all photos of MY black dog.  But cuteness cannot be denied.

Black Dog by Led Zeppelin


And my latest sketches for Art Every Day Month & the Sketchbook Project:

Day 22
Day 23 - This one is like my net pendant and memento series.
Day 24 - Can you guess what I traced to get this shape?

6 thoughts on “Black Dog Friday!

  1. I always avoid the stores on those crazy days too. It’s getting that time of year where it’s crazy all the time with people Christmas shopping. I hate crowds. I do love the pics of your black dog tho…..cute!

    Lovely drawings although I have absolutely no idea what object you traced for the last one. Your fingers from both sides so they joined in the centre??


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