Further Confirmation of my Insanity

Even though there have three AEDM days since my last post, I only have two sketchbook pages to show for it.  I worked all three days (and a little this morning) on it, it just took a loooooooooooong time to dot the second page.

In non-AEDM news, I am getting ready for all of my December events – two in Delaware, one in Wayne, PA and one in Reading, PA.  Oh yeah, and then there’s Cuffmas to prepare for and my Rivet Pendant workshop… ;^)  So I’ve been busy, though not as much in the studio as I would like.  I’m planning on getting a couple of new rings ready to drop off this weekend at Some Things Looming for Handmade Holidays.  After that, I’ll be making some new cuffs and who knows what else.

This was inspired by one of the other AEDM participants. I really like the way it turned out.
Here's where the insanity comes in. It seemed like a good, simple idea at the time, but it took forever to fill in the background.

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