Meet my New Copper Bowl – Troika

Troika ©2011 WTEK copper, nickel inside view

Yesterday I finished my new copper bowl and I named it Troika, which is Russian for a grouping of three.  Along with the photos, I wanted to share a list of the steps it took to achieve the finished bowl.

  • Sketched out ideas and ordered materials
  • Sinking, bouging, and planishing the bowl – there were many repeated steps in this part and annealing was in there as well.
  • Decide on shape to pierce out of bowl and how many holes I wanted.
  • Fold copper squares for outside shapes.
  • Pierce outside shapes to cover the holes in the bowl
  • Troika ©2011 WTEK full view

    Pierce bowl

  • File all the cut edges and bowl edge
  • Fold smaller inside shapes
  • Pierce and file inside shapes
  • Form all six of the fold formed shapes and re-file edges as necessary
  • upset edges of the shapes (hammer texture)
  • Line everything up, tape it tightly, and drill holes for the rivets
  • Final sanding and scotchbriting
  • Use liver of sulfur to oxidize all the shapes and bowl
  • scotchbrite
  • rivet together
  • scotchbrite
  • Take photos
Detail of the edge of Troika ©2011 WTEK

So you see there are a lot of steps even with the omission of each individual step in the bowl forming stage.

PS: It looks like I left out the steps of making the base…oops!

9 thoughts on “Meet my New Copper Bowl – Troika

  1. Your bowl is gorgeous! I really love that you included all the steps as well. Metal work is so foreign to me, so it’s great to be able to appreciate how much goes into what you make.


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