More Copper Bowl Progress

Sweet gum on the left and one of the silver maples on the right. Thankfully no house damage.

So first, the obligatory sad photo of my damaged trees at my house.  It was sad watching the branches go one by one yesterday.  The silver maples and the sweet gum all had big branches crack off due to the heavy snow.  The sweet gum was the worst, though the branch we had planned on trimming this year was unharmed.  Go figure.

I have been working feverishly in the studio this past week (including yesterday even after the power went out.)  For some reason I couldn’t get my camera to focus correctly for all the pendants and bracelets I’ve been working on, but I do have some more photos of what’s happening with the bowl.  I should have everything done with the jewelry within the next two days and I believe that the bowl will be completed in time for the exhibition deadline, but cross your fingers for me anyway ;^)

The fold formed pieces all cut out. Just need some forming.
Using the handy dandy circle divider to position the cut-outs in the bowl.
The bowl all cut out.
Just to give you an idea of what happens next...