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Hammer and axe
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A few days ago, my friend Ken Mueller posted that just because you have the right tool doesn’t mean that you are using them appropriately.  In his case he was talking about social media, but the same can be said in any enterprise.

One reason I wrote my hammer book was to educate people about using the right tool for the job.  You could own every kind of hammer ever made but you would have a tough time using a claw hammer to sink a bowl.  And if you used your planishing hammer to for hammering nails (I forbid you to do this!) you’d have a hard time ever being able to finish a bowl properly.

sawing jumprings

Having the right tools can make it easier to accomplish certain tasks.  I know how to form and saw jumprings by hand, but using my jumpringer creates more uniform rings much faster (like 2-3x faster.)  And if you don’t have the proper stakes it will take you forever to produce certain 3d forms in metal.

But a lack of a specific tool shouldn’t hold you back from trying.  Don’t use it as an excuse.  It may take longer, you may have to try doing it a few different ways, or you may have to redesign it, working out each step to the finished piece.  You might even find a new, better, or faster way to make it.

So yes, having the right tool (and knowing how to use it) can make your life easier.  But the proper use for a tool is never as an excuse not to do something.

What tool would make your life easier right now?  Which tool have you been using as an excuse not to do something?

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  1. Ha! My tumbler… I would much rather throw my jewelry in the tumbler than polish by hand. I think it comes out looking much nicer, too… Is this cheating? : )


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