In Process: Copperlicious

I finally started a new bowl today that I meant to start a lot earlier (it’s been a busy week!)  There is a call for entry for a copper exhibition for next year’s SNAG conference, so I decided to try and get a new bowl made in time to apply.  Yes, that means I have only a few weeks to get this done and photographed, etc.  Today I was able to get the forming and some of the planishing done on the main bowl section.  Once again, this will have many connected parts.  Hopefully, I’ll get it done in time and they will love it!  (PS David Huang, one of my metalsmithing heroes is the juror, so it’s doubly important I get this done)

Here are the photos from today’s work.

After first round of sinking
This is either the second or third round of sinking. Se how wonky the rim got?
Now it's all bouged up and nice lookng. There was at least one more round of sinking and bouging after this.
This is after the first round of planishing. You can see how it really tightened the form up. And yes, that is torch dirt being pounded into my bowl.

PPS – If you want to learn to sink a bowl, I’m teaching a two day workshop in the end of January at Millersville University just outside of Lancaster, PA.

2 thoughts on “In Process: Copperlicious

  1. There’s nothing like the combination of inspiration, talent, technique, and a deadline to brihg out the best in you, is there? Can’t wait to see what happens next. Hopefully, you will have time to photograph and share some more intermediate steps with us, but I hope most for a successfully completed work in time to be rewarded by SNAG’s juror.


    1. Right now I’m in the middle of planishing, planishing, planishing, so not much forward progress for the camera. But I do want to get some more photos once I start cutting it up and putting it back together. Thank you so much for the kind words and support, Paula!


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