Art, Craft, & Bearding

Chickens © Sara Meadows

The past few days I’ve been waiting for metal to come in – so no new work.  I’ve also been working at the PA Guild of Craftsmen’s store in Lancaster, PA for First Friday and the Fall Art Walk.  This weekend has been perfect weather so there were tons of people out.  We also had a demonstration by ceramic artist Sara Meadows and man, she can really work fast!  It was really cool watching her make chickens, puffins, wizards, and pumpkin houses.

I saw Aarne Bielefeldt!

It was also the Beard Nationals in Lancaster today.  My husband and I caught a few episodes of Whisker Wars and so it was fun to see some of the actual competitors walking around town.  The parade even went right by the Guild store today so we got to see all of the participants.  (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s competitive bearding, where facial hair is judged in a variety of categories.)

So it was a fun weekend and hopefully I’ll be able to get back to Lancaster tomorrow to check out some of the other Art Walk venues.  And maybe see some more beards…