What Should I Be Doing Right Now?

Memento Aurum ©2011 WTEK sterling silver, brass, pyrite

So today is supposed to be a studio day, but I’m not sure of what to work on.  Last week I worked through my newest designs, and I’m not sure where I want to go from here.  I really like my Memento series, but I need some time between pieces to keep it fresh.  So what ideas do you think I should work on?

  • Layered pendants or cuffs
  • Gemstone pendants
  • Earrings?  (This is my hardest type of jewelry to come up with ideas for)
  • Some type of ring?

I guess I’ll just go in there and look around at stuff until I come up with something.  Sometimes I get great ideas this way.  Other times I just waste an hour looking at accumulated junk.  What do you want me to work on?  What do you do when you are stuck for ideas?

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