A Collar, a Pendant, a Cuff, and One Awesome Ring!

new rattle ring ©2011 WTEK sterling silver, brass, pyrite (size 7.75)

Aaahhh, back in the studio again today.  I really wasn’t feeling it, but taking this advice I went in and did it anyway.  I’m really glad I did too!  I started and completed a fabulous new ring and a new cuff as well as oxidizing the collar and necklace I had finished in the last couple of weeks.

Look deep inside and see the pyrite

The ring was inspired by my Memento Cervidae pendant, but instead of cutting out all of the holes in the net, I just drilled them.  It was so small that I pretty much had to do it this way.  Held in by the net are two teensy tiny bits of pyrite that I had found a while back while walking through my neighborhood (I

New pendant and cuff ©2011 WTEK both are sterling silver and copper

actually found one of them at night if you can believe it.  Just ask my hubby, I’m part bat.)  If you shake the ring the pyrite rattles (unlike the bone in the pendant) so it’s really fun to wear.

The pendant and the cuff both feature sweat soldered copper elements and the collar is stoneless and with the fins flipped compared to my other collars.

I also want to let you know that I’m having a trunk show at Veleska Jewelry in Lancaster, PA on October 15th (more info soon!) and I just released a Better Know Your Hammer 2012 calendar.

Collar IX ©2011 WTEK sterling silver

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