CRAFTED Opening at Studio B

Friday night was the opening for the CRAFTED exhibition at Studio B in Boyertown, PA.  It was a fun evening where I got to talk with a lot of people including the other participating artists.  I finally got to meet one of my online art friends in real life, Margaret Almon.  She had three beautiful mosaic mirrors in the exhibition, one of which one the Best Design award.  Brad Smith won the the Best Craftsmanship award (really no surprise there, his work is meticulous!)

Who won the Best Style award you ask?  Why, my piece Gust did!  I’m so happy!  Nick Mohler was the juror and though he couldn’t be at the opening in person, he left some words about why he chose each of the award winners.  I like what he said so much, I asked if I could keep the paper.  Here are his thoughts:

Fold-forming is not a lost art.  But the style that Wendy is creating feels like it’s from some forgotten world.  Maybe it’s post-apocalyptic or futuristic or from the Terminator movies.  Well, I’m not totally sure what the style is.  It’s elusive and industrial, and it’s her own style.  The title of her style has not been created yet.  There’s something to be said about blazing your own style in a craft that a lot of times looks like everyone else’s work.

Salmon's Leap, Gust, and Lunar Remembrance in situ

That’s the nicest thing I’ve heard anybody say about my work!  I love the Terminator reference too.  So I want to thank Nick and also Carrie and the rest of the crew at Studio B.  They really put on a great exhibition.  There’s still time for you to see it, it will remain up until October 15th, 2011.

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