Why You Should Sign My Mailing List

Specimen (wall piece #7) ©2011 nickel, copper, brass

Ever wonder what you get through my mailing list that you don’t get here on Hammermarks?  It’s true that I send postcards and emails about upcoming events, news that you can find here on my Where’s Wendy page.  But I also send out 8 newsletters a year – four full page and 4 “Half” newsletters.  In addition to that, each month you get a Metalwork of the Month email that goes in depth about a recent piece I’ve been working on.  In a sense you get a sneak peak.  Most of the time I don’t even have that piece for sale on Etsy until I set up the email.

Sample Metalwork of the Month – Specimen

Sample Half Newsletter – End of Summer 2011

Sample Full Newsletter – Summer 2011

Does this sound like you’ve been missing out on something?  Then sign up for my mailing list and get all of this sent to your inbox!