In Progress: New “Venison” Pendant

I had to drill a hole for each section of the net. I used brass for this part.

I’ve been working in the studio on a new pendant this week.  I had an idea and I had to push myself to do all the things I don’t really like doing to make it a reality.  So for me, this is a challenge piece.  As you can see, there was a lot of sawing and filing.  FILING!  That’s my least favorite metal chore.  But I forced myself to get it done and I’m so glad that I did.  I love the way this net element turned out.

Then I designed a backing to go with it.  Yes, I designed this piece as I went along.  It was based on my idea for the net part.  I had originally thought to put something inside the net, but couldn’t decide what.  I was just going to leave it empty, but my husband commented that it looked like something should be inside there.  Since I secretly felt the same way, I went through all my stash boxes, bags, and containers looking for just the right thing.

Then I remembered, I had a bag of deer bones that’s been sitting and waiting for something to be done with them for a long, long time.  I found these funky little bits that I think are from the vertebrae, but I don’t know for sure.  They went just right with

The deer bones.

the organic vibe I was going for in this piece.  It’s almost done, I’m just waiting for the sealant I used on the bone to fully dry.  I’m not sure what I’ll name it yet, but I was thinking “Venison”  hehe.  Seriously, I don’t know.

Almost finished! ©2011 WTEK sterling silver, brass, deer bone

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