Relaxing at Hauser Estate Winery

View from Hauser Estate Winery

It finally happened, I took a day off.  No jewelry, no computer (at least in the afternoon), no chores or family obligations.  Saturday I went out and enjoyed myself!

There was a winery that I was interested in visiting, Hauser Estate, that I found through Uncork York.  They’re located in the foothills of the Appalachians not far from Gettysburg, PA.  I was drawn to them because they have a tasting room with a wall of windows looking out over Adams County.  They have art on the remaining walls, a patio, a deck, and a bar.  But you probably are wondering about the wine, aren’t you?

Many of the wineries in PA feature fruit wines.  I am not a fan of sweet wines in general, but especially not fruit wines (with the exception of Nissley’s tart Montmorency Cherry.)  So I was excited to find out that Hauser specializes in dry reds!

Close up of the two plein air painters.

I tried five reds and one white (Jennie Wade white which was surprisingly OK considering I don’t like white wine.)  My favorites were the Chambourcin and the Cabernet Franc.  Both of these wine types are commonly found in the south central PA/northern MD area.  I’ve had chambourcin in every winery I’ve been to in PA and I have to say that Hauser Estates is my favorite in this style.  It was smooth and dry with a slight tang to it.

Along with the fabulous tasting, there were some wonderful views of the apple orchards and the round barn that I enjoyed while sipping my wine on the patio.  The Adams County Arts Council also had a show featuring some local artists at the winery, a band was playing on and off, and two artists were painting plein air.  On my way home I relaxed some more while meandering along a wooded creek.  Taking a drive like this helps to clear my head and I ended the day relaxed and happy.