Hammer Tattoos

Occasionally I fantasize about getting a new tattoo.  One day it will happen.  But today I decided to share some hammer tattoos I found around the web. (Please keep in mind that these link to tattoo sites that probably have at least partial nudity and might have questionable content. I chose the images because of hammers, not because I endorse other images on their sites)

Black Light Thor's Hammer Tattoo by Captain Jack's Studio

I didn’t even know that there was black light tattoo technology!

Carpenter Tattoo by Skin Shaman
Hammers from "The Wall"
Anvil/Hammer/Scripture tattoo found on the Mr. Wallace blog
Mjöllnir (Thor's Hammer) with Huginn and Muninn tattoo
Hammer tattoo by No-Limit Tattoo

I’m not the only person with the idea to compile tattoos – Tool Tattoos

The term tattoo actual refers to the way they were hammered into your skin (like a military tattoo of drummers.)

The traditional way to get tattooed.

And just because he showed up in my image search :

Nathan Fillion as Captain Hammer from Dr Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog

3 thoughts on “Hammer Tattoos

  1. Capt Hammer….Dr Horrible still cracks me up.

    I think Tim McCreight had his hammer logo tattooed on his wrist for a milestone number of books sold or something. I don’t have any although I’m intrigued by them…my problem is I like change and I think I would grow tired of the same thing.

    I saw a cool one at art hop last night….a mom and her daughter shared one of two lady bugs because of the stories the mom told her daughter as a child about lady bugs. That was sweet.


  2. I like the idea of one on your wrist. I have a plan for a large half sleeve tiger tattoo, but that will have to wait for a while… I thought a hammer one would be more apropos and I could fit it somewhere smaller.


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