Turbulent Flow

Copper Fold Formed Cuff ©2010 WTEK

One of the comments my cuffs get a lot is “that looks like leather.” Or sometimes people say they look like fabric. To me this a compliment. I love when people are surprised to find out that the cuffs are actually metal.  The illusion doesn’t last very long, but for a brief moment they saw the fluidity of the metal.

As I say in my artist statement, metal has this dual nature.  Most of the time people think of it as hard, rigid, cold.  Those of us who work with it know that metal is secretly very malleable, fluid, and full of fire and life.  I love this dichotomy!  I want to show the world the depth of metal’s attributes.

Kohl Gate ©2004 Albert Paley Studios Formed and fabricated steel. Clevland Botanical Gardens, Ohio Dimensions: 55’ 3” x 38” x 14’ 10”

The first time I really saw that metal could flow or look like it’s caught in a breeze was my last semester in college.  One of the teachers was showing the Jewelry I students slides of Albert Paley‘s graduate portfolio.  His fibulae and neckpieces had such motion.  Since then I’ve seen his benches, gates, and large scale architectural works.  It’s totally amazing the way he transforms steel.

This is one of my design goals.  I don’t want to be Albert Paley or even have Paley derivative work.  But that spirit, that magic of showing the world how fluid metal can be, that is something I strive toward.

(Don’t you love the title of this post? I looked “fluidity” up in my brand spanking new thesaurus and that phrase was in there.  I just couldn’t NOT use it ;^)

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