Hammermarks Origin Story

The shards of Narsil in Peter Jackson's The Lo...
Image of Narsil via Wikipedia

Today’s prompt in the WordPress Daily post project was “Explain the name of your blog and why you chose it.”  I don’t often use these prompts, but I thought you might have wondered this about Hammermarks.

Obviously I love hammers and my work has lots of hammer marks in it.  That’s pretty obvious.  But I could’ve used some other texture related word or something to do fold forming or my materials.  But I chose this because it was fairly simple, described both my favorite tool and the texture it leaves behind, and it references the name of my business/website – Hammerstroke & Fire.  Plus hammer marks are kind of like the writing that the hammer leaves on your piece, like this blog is my writing about my work.

Wendy Edsall-Kerwin
Me, My Hammer, and My Torch

Now the name Hammerstroke & Fire came about in a (slightly) more interesting way.  I had been trying and trying to come up with a business name.  Something that spoke not only of being a metalworker but to my sense of the ancientness and somewhat mystical ideals of the technique.  I couldn’t come up with anything non-cheesy.  Then I was in the theater watching Lord of the Rings and in the origin story of Narsil, the sword used to take down Sauron the first time.  Gandolf used the phrase “hammer stroke” and I knew that I would incorporate that into my business name.  Since we metalsmiths need the torch as well as the hammer, I added the fire part and Hammerstroke & Fire was born.

Still cheesy? Maybe.  But I like the drama of the name.  Who do you feel about either of these names?  Leave a comment and let us know.