Layers upon Layers upon Layers

New idea for an openwork collar that may or may not include some parts made with sheet metal.

I’ve just had an idea splurge where I’ve come up with a bunch of new projects to work on.  Maybe it was the thunderstorm after over a week of a hot humid heatwave.  But it was probably because I had decided not to work on anything new before the show this weekend.

I’ve been thinking a lot about open spaces and layers.  Layers with open spaces to look down on other, hidden layers.  Maybe even a whole onion’s worth of layers.  OK, maybe not that many layers.

Onion photo by mitch98000

Wouldn’t it be cool to have an extra layer on some of my cuffs?  A layer that was raised up a little?  Or a pendant where you had to peer through tiny holes to see what’s hiding underneath?

We’ll see what happens when I get back from Wilmington (and finally order some new silver.)  I’m getting itchy to try some of these ideas!

*PS – This is my 600th post! Can you believe that? Neither can I (hehe)*

6 thoughts on “Layers upon Layers upon Layers

  1. I enjoy looking at work by Keith Lo Bue…..very inspirational and many layers of materials in each piece that he creates. My late husband, daughter and I took classes from him years ago when he was in NJ. We had a blast and learned so many great things from him.


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