7 Things About Me You Probably Didn’t Know

Two things at once - travel and horses (three if you count the French) That's Mont St. Michel in the background. We then went on to ride up into the city!

Everyone has their deep, dark secrets.  Of course, I’m not sharing those with you.  But here are some tidbits about me you might not have known before.

  • I’ve tried learning three languages (other than English) – French (failed miserably,) Japanese (couldn’t hack the Kanji,) and German (the one I identify the most with.)  I’ve also picked up a smidge of Spanish and learned the ASL alphabet (most of which is now forgotten)
  • As a teenager I went hang gliding at Kitty Hawk Dunes.  IT WAS AWESOME!
  • I’ve eaten chicken foot, shark, alligator, pheasant, flying fish, raw tuna (that didn’t make it into my stomach,) and deer.  I hope to add even more animals to this list someday.  (Of course I’ve had beef, lamb, veal, pork, and the normal parts of the chicken.)  That’s right, I’m definitely NOT a vegetarian.
  • Canyon de Chelly Spider Rock

    I’ve taken guitar and clarinet lessons and tried piano and dulcimer (two instruments laying around our house)  I no longer play ANY instruments.  I just don’t have the passion to practice like I should.  I love to listen to music though.

  • I’m a world traveler.  I’ve been to a variety of US states and foreign countries.  I even met my hubby in Turkey (we were both travel agents at the time.)  Japan, Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, a variety of Caribbean islands on a cruise, Argentina, Uruguay, Turkey, and New Zealand.  I think I got them all.
  • I used to ride horses.  I never owned one, but I took lessons.  It kind of went the way of the guitar and clarinet.  I do still ride when we go on vacation though.  We’ve actually ridden in Argentina, New Zealand, France (up into Mont St. Michel!), and when we went out west we rode into the Canyon de Chelly on mustangs with a Navajo guide.
  • What’s the 7th thing about me you didn’t know?  I was kicked out of Girl Scouts.  It wasn’t my fault, I kept missing meetings because my mom’s job.  I’m not bitter or anything…I actually did go on to go to Girl Scout camp for about 6 more years after that.  I loved camp, it was what I looked forward to the most each year (and where I took horse back riding lessons.)

Did you learn something new about me?  Why don’t you tell us all a little something about you that we don’t know.  Leave a comment with your deep, dark secret (or just something weird or fun about yourself.)

4 thoughts on “7 Things About Me You Probably Didn’t Know

    1. I always wondered if seminary students were like other college students. You know, late nights, wild parties, a lot of fooling around and doing silly college kid stuff. Just in a less sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll kind of way.


  1. I had a flock of sheep and learned to spin and weave their wool I rode a camel in Israel I climbed Mt. Washington (NH) 50 years ago this week (on my honeymoon.)


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