Studio Time

Copper and Sterling cuffs

Lately I’ve been working on cuffs in the studio, preparing for the Chase Center show at the end of the month.  I have secretly been working on another wall piece.  Like always, it is actually parts of many wall pieces.

I have one idea in my head when I start, but as the folds form, new designs are born.  This time I was folding nickel and brass and then I cut apart the nickel piece.  Instead of putting it onto the brass (like my original plan) parts of it are going onto a piece of nickel I had laying around from last month.  I also added some found objects from “the stash” to add excitement.

Wall Piece #6 ©2011 WTEK nickel, brass, found steel objects - still nees hanging stuff and to bee put together
brass fold formed piece - looks like an eyeball
the rest of the cut up nickel pieces
Another view of Wall pIece #6

P.S. Don’t forget that Thursday is the book launch!

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