Ever Want to Be Indiana Jones?

Time to get out your fedora and whip, let’s play archaeologist!

Eye of Kali ©2011 sterling silver, flaming Lake Superior agate

Pretend that you’ve just discovered a desert cave filled with my bowls, jewelry, and wall adornment.  What insights would you glean from these artifacts about this lost civilization?

Memory & Shadow, Super Bowl III ©2011 bronze, nickel

Any references to their cultural identity?

Any religious significance?

Any stylistic ties to other known peoples?

Two Part Ring ©2010 sterling silver, peridot

I want you to have fun and describe my work as though you’ve just unearthed it.  Leave your stories in the comments or write your own post and link to it here.

Lunar Remembrance, wall piece #4 ©2011 brass, nickel