What an Artist Goes Through to Get Into an Exhibition

As the Art of the State exhibition opening creeps up on us (it’s this Saturday!) you might be wondering how an artist gets into a group exhibition.

Sometimes it’s easy.  The artist belongs to an organization that has a member show, teaches at a facility having a faculty exhibition, or there is an open call for people living or working in a certain geographical area to showcase a piece of work without jurying.

Most of the time, it is a long arduous process.  Most exhibitions are juried and an artist must apply (and pay a fee) just to be considered for the exhibition.  That’s right, you pay to be CONSIDERED.  Usually there is a form to fill out, photos/slides/digital images of the work being submitted for consideration, and an application or jurying fee.  All of this must be turned in by a specific date, either online or through regular mail.  If it is a themed exhibition you need to make sure you/your work qualifies.  Then you wait for results.

If you are lucky enough to be selected, then you need to arrange shipment of your work or to deliver it in person. The artist needs to get the word out to everyone they know – online, email, postcards.  If it’s close enough, go to the opening where you can meet the other artists, people connected with the exhibition venue, your fans, and hopefully meet some new collectors.  Then once the exhibition closes, if your work didn’t sell you need to arrange to pick it up or have it shipped back.

This process happens for each and every exhibition that an artist gets into.  Keep in mind, most artists apply to many more exhibitions than they actually get into and if they are planning a solo exhibition there is even more work to do.  That’s why we’re so happy when our fans come out and support us.  You make all that hard work worth it.

Want to experience an opening first hand?  Come out this Saturday from 7-9pm at the State Museum in Harrisburg, PA for the Art of the State: Pennsylvania 2011 exhibition award ceremony and reception.