Even More Hammer Links

Arm & Hammer
Image via Wikipedia

It’s too hot up here in my computer room to write something more involved for you today, so I give you the latest in the infinite part series, “Crazy Hammer Links!”

  • How-to do Hammer Curls – These really work your forearms.  I, of course, don’t need to do these (at least not with my right arm) hehe
  • Ways to use Arm & Hammer Products – I actually use a baking soda bath after pickling my work since I don’t have running water in my studio.  Bet that use isn’t on there…
  • All about the hammers in Super Mario Brothers.
  • Actor Armie Hammer (I have no idea who this guy is, I guess I’m too old.  But his name fits the bill.)
  • Hammer Ski & Snowboards
  • Big Hammer – Free deck designing software (I make no promises about what will happen if you download anything)
  • Hammer Uncut – This has nothing to do with MC Hammer, but it is a blog that claims to be a “Brutally Honest Look at the World Around Us”.  It may mildly offend you or mildly make you laugh.  Once again, I make no promises about this site.