In Process – New Agate Piece to Match my Dress

©2011 sterling - Today I worled out how much wire I need for specific sizes. These work as stand alone rings or as bands for more involved rings.

Today I went into the studio planning on working on a few small pieces.  I made three rings and a key chain that matches the mushroom set.  I thought I was done when I finished these…

Then I started thinking about what I would be wearing to the Art of the State opening (less than 2 weeks away!)  I had been looking online for a stone that would match the dress I got, something blue.  As I searched for stones, I got more and more frustrated because I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

As I was finishing up today, I glanced down at the piece of bright red agate that has been sitting on my bench waiting to become a wall piece.  AHA!  Maybe when I bought this stone one of the other pieces was blue.  Low and behold, one was.  And it even had black and grey tracing through it, exactly what I had wanted! (scroll down to see a photo at the end of the post)

First stage of the sterling silver framework

So I started designing a framework for it.  I’m running out of silver sheet, so I decided to use wire in the way I had been thinking for the agate wall piece, leaving plenty of openwork behind the stone for light to shine through.  It’s not done yet, but it should be in time for the opening.  I’m so excited and I’m glad I went back into the studio to start this bad boy!

Second stage of the framework - where I stopped today.
Look at that awesome agate! I actually bought it at a mine.
And the keyring because I know you're curious... ©2011 brass with a steel ring

3 thoughts on “In Process – New Agate Piece to Match my Dress

  1. What a fabulous stone you are working with! I can’t wait to see the finished piece. Your dress is very cute, you will look adorable at the show!!


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