Hempfield HS Art Fair

Main Gallery of the Art Show
Ishmael by Sarah Pentus

Last week I had the pleasure of being the Fine Metals Category judge at the Hempfield High School Art Fair.  “High school art fair?” you must be thinking.  But you wouldn’t believe the level of work these students had.  Not only does the school have tons of specialized art classes – printmaking, drawing/painting, glass, metals, ceramics, photography, fibers, etc. – but they really know how to showcase the students’ work.

There was a judge for each of the 10 categories who got to choose winners and we all got to vote on the best student overall based on body of work.  It was such a difficult decision, but I was able to narrow it down to Gold, Silver, Bronze and two additional awards for best chain and best use of mixed media.  Here are some photos from the show:

Collar by Laura Godshalk
Bracelet by Alexa Williams
Pin/Pendant by Kevin Behrens - I love that chain!
Necklace with felt, glass, beads, and silver by Mel Way

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*Sorry for any fuzziness or reflections in the images.  The lighting in a high school isn’t that great for taking photos.

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  1. Fantastic work by these students. Thanks for showcasing their work! Good to know there are schools that value art education and the students that follow that path.


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