More Metal for Your Walls

Wall Piece #4 ©2011 brass, nickel
Wall Piece #3 ©2011 copper, nickel, brass

On Friday I finished two more wall pieces.  These were made from the parts I featured last week and then put together and finished.  I like the way they came out.  The copper one was an idea I came up with while out walking.  I had been thinking about different ways to bring fold forming elements into the pieces that weren’t possible when I make cuffs due to the additional forming the cuffs require.

Backs of Wall Piece #3 & #4

The brass one evolved from: a) wanting to work in brass and b) wanting to add a circular element to one of the pieces.  I do have another idea for a circular brass piece that involves cutting it up and riveting it at different levels, but that has yet to be made in the physical realm.  There are also ideas riffing on the theme of Memory & Shadow that need to come to fruition and ones involving gemstones as well.  Maybe I should get back into the studio…

Have ideas for names for either of these pieces? Leave them in the comments!

2 thoughts on “More Metal for Your Walls

  1. Wendy – I like where you are going with the wall pieces – like Wall piece#4 – good texture on the base piece and good contrast with the circular piece – bit moon like – could be called In Memory of the Moon. Cheers Barry


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