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I know, that title’s cheesy, but I had to do it.  I’ve been pretty busy with both jewelry and non-metal related things the past couple days, so I’m sorry I haven’t posted as often as I normally do.  Yesterday I asked on Twitter (just because I was curious) what people like to see when they go to Philadelphia.  I got back a wide variety of ideas, some of which I never thought of!

  • @LancYarnShop said: Philadelphia Museum of Art, South Street, Mummers Museum, & old Quaker Meetinghouses (further clarifying – There are two in Germantown in a neighborhood filled w/ houses from 1600’s. One at 5th and Arch downtown is gorgeous inside & out.)
  • @taragentile said: citizens bank park and the terminal market!
  • @LikeClochework said: I love, love, LOVE Random Tea Room on N. 4th Street.
  • @avocadocreation said: Fabric Row (and added: went to an architectural salvage place years ago…second street maybe…was fun looking for old house stuff)
  • @MetalMusing said: I really enjoyed the italian market. There is a really good breakfast place around the corner as well. The name escapes me…

I too like the PMA, South Street (though the focus has shifted somewhat since I was in high school/college), Fabric Row (only visited while with the woman who designed my wedding dress, but it was amazing if you are into making clothes and other fabric related things), and Citizens Bank Park is a nice ballpark.

I never thought about visiting old Meeting houses, but that sounds like it would be really cool and the tea shop looks so relaxing, I definitely would like to visit those on a future visit. I like to recommend the UPenn Museum for their fabulous collection of Egyptian mummies (and it looks like there is an exhibit of ancient Iraq there now).  I also urge people to look up at the buildings when they are walking/riding in a car or bus.  There are some beauties out there if you only look at them.  And lots of murals too.  And you can’t forget the Mütter Museum (this is not for the squeamish!) where my drawing teacher insisted we sketch at.

What about you?  Do you have a favorite place to visit in Philly?  Any hidden gems we should know about?  Or do you know the names of some of the places that my tweeps forgot?  Hit us up in the comments.

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