2 Cuffs and 3 Parts of Wall Pieces

Red Brass cut down from a larger piece. I hope to make this one a "floating" piece over a nickel background.

I haven’t had much new work to show you lately, as I mentioned the other day.  It’s not just because I haven’t had a chance to get in the studio, but also because I’ve been making parts of wall pieces.  They haven’t been finished for a variety of reasons – one because I need to figure out where I’m taking it, two others I just started yesterday, so I hope to get at least one done today.

Piece I started a week or two ago. Still figuring it out. (brass)

I have made two cuffs while working on the other projects.  I have a photo of the silver one, but the brass one from last week has been moved into the “needs to have photos taken” area and ironically has been overlooked while taking the photos of the others in the studio.

Sterling cuff. The brass one has a similar design to it, though thinner.
For yet another wall piece. I'll work more on this one later today (hopefully.)