Why is Hand Blown Glass Art So Valuable? [Guest Post]

Today I have a guest post by Aaron Garcia.  He enjoys all types of fine art including paintings, sculptures, and blown glass. Much of his time is spent perusing fine art galleries in Scottsdale, AZ and he regularly participates in the Scottsdale Art Walk.
Tropical Bowl, Poppy @Ed Branson 25 x 10 x 17, Blown Glass

Art one hangs on a wall or presents in a sculpture garden is all well and good, but hand blown glass art often is useful as well as lovely to look at.

Artists have been creating beautiful objects out of blown glass for centuries. It first was created as a means for ancient peoples to decorate important structures or to provide one-of-a-kind pieces for special ceremonies. In fact, glass predates the use of metal in some subcultures. Ancient Italians cherished glass making so much that they placed all glassmaking activity on its own island in order to protect their manufacturing secrets.

Today you’ll see glass art in the shape of vases, ornaments, jewelry, and stand-alone art objects. Just about anything that can be made of glass can be created by a fine glass artist into an object of great beauty.

You usually can tell if a glass object has been blown by hand because it’s not perfect. These minor imperfections make each piece unique — and ever more beautiful and valuable.

Rhapsody Tall Vase @2400 Fahrenheit 17.5x6, Glass

As you search a glass art gallery for these wonderful works of art, you may notice that some pieces have combined glass with other materials, such as metal or wood, making the designs ever more unique.

As the popularity of hand blown glass art rises, many artists today are creating wonderful designs and colors. These days, glass art is swirled or even painted. Many glass art pieces are translucent, allowing the light to pass through the outer layer of glass, illuminating the gorgeous center.

But what makes hand blown glass art so valuable is the skill of the artist who creates it. Glass blowing artists perfect their skills over time — years, really. Not everyone who attempts to become a glass artist can do so; it takes a special artistic eye coupled with a steady hand to create these gorgeous objects.

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  1. With a background as a glass artist too, I absolutely love hand blown glass. I’ve had a chance to see the process in person. Wished I could afford the set up…a few years back it cost about $20k to build one yourself! I have a great appreciation for this art. Thanks for sharing it Wendy. Beautiful works.


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