A selection of Viking silver from the Cuerdale...
The Viking Cuerdale Hoard - Image via Wikipedia

This is not a post about people with mental problems being exploited on TV.  Well, these people may have had some mental issues, but we’ll never be able to ask them about it.  I’m talking about hoards that people in Europe find in their backyards.  Like Bronze Age hoards.  Hoards where people are trying to hide their valuables from the Vikings, or to take with them into the afterlife, or just because they didn’t have safe deposit boxes back then.

I love the metalwork that they find in these hoards.  A lot of the treasures of the ancient Celts, Scythians, and Northern European Romans has been found by a farmer digging a new well or something.  In my backyard I’d be lucky to find an old paperclip.

Here are some links to some hoard finds.  I just found the Austrian one this morning.  It’s a much geekier alternative to searching for candy or eggs.

Happy Hunting!

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