Some New Work and a Crazy Morning


Apollo in all his cuteness.

I was in a great mood after feeling like my mojo came back with the beautiful spring weather.  I got some new ring design ideas and worked on a couple of bangle prototypes over the weekend.  Then this morning, I was walking my dog and he was attacked and bitten by another dog in the neighborhood.  I took him to the vet and he’s on pain meds and antibiotics and seems OK.  He’s a little tired and is starting to favor that side a little, but he’s still eating and following me around.  He’s a tough little guy.


On to the jewelry…


I made the pendant earlier last week and then my new ring that I love love love! ©2011 both sterling silver and the pendant also has 14k gold
The ring worn ©2011 sterling silver
Bangle prototype 1 - failure
Bangle prototype 2 - better, but still not doing it for me
Bangle prototype 3 - Now we're talking! This one is textured brass in a double helix type formation that is double riveted together.

Now I have some more ideas for rings along the lines of my new design.  We’ll see how they turn out.  The design for this one was actually inspired by the scraps left over from Super Bowl III, Memory & Shadow.  That is exactly why I keep certain scraps out on my bench – inspiration!


4 thoughts on “Some New Work and a Crazy Morning

  1. Hi Wendy,

    Sorry to hear about Apollo being attacked….struck a chord with me as that happened to a lab I had….I invested in a cattle prod, no kidding, because people wouldn’t control their dogs and mine was on a leash and was attacked twice (same neighborhood, two different dogs and locations in the neighborhood). The second time it happened, I bought a 3′ long cattle prod; the man at the feed store said it would bring a bull to his knees. My poor lab was 10 years old and I felt that I needed to protect him (and me!). Never had to use it, the dogs seemed to know I meant business with protecting my dog and steered clear of us on our walks.

    Great to see your new works. I’ve been venturing off into a new direction too and had my share of failures. I plan a post about that too. I find it very helpful seeing how works evolve as we find our ways in new directions.

    Looking forward to seeing more of these new beauties. And may Apollo heal quickly in body and spirit.


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