Better Know Your Hammer – The Offline Edition

OK, I’m here to confirm the rumors (started by me) that I am indeed working on a book version of the Better Know Your Hammer series I started here on the blog.  It’s nothing fancy, I’ll be trying to self publish it on Lulu.  I’ve been alluding to it over on Twitter, so I figured that it was time to fess up.

This will be my first time doing something of this nature unless you count the books we made in first grade.  I’d like to think that BKYH will be somewhat more mature than my I Like Horses book from back then.

Basically it will have info on the different kinds of hammers metalsmiths use, some resources, photos of said hammers, and a brief intro by me.  I’ve gotten a lot of work done on it at home, so I figured it was time to let the cat out of the bag.  Don’t even ask me about a timeline or how much it will cost, those are things I have no idea about at the moment.  Once I have more details and a time frame, I’ll let you guys know what is going on.

Why Hammers?

The Better Know Your Hammer series are my most popular posts and I see people searching for “What is such and such a hammer” all the time.  There is obviously a dearth of information out there on the subject.  I figure that since it’s a topic I know a little something about (what with my obsession and all) that it was a perfect first book for me.

What do you think?  Is this a good idea?  Would you or someone you know want to buy a book like this?

4 thoughts on “Better Know Your Hammer – The Offline Edition

  1. Since I just purchased a Swedish Forging Hammer that turned out to be a lot larger than I anticipated, maybe a book about hammers is a good idea. With the hammer I bought, I will just have to be able to lift it and the weight will deliver the blow. Forklift anyone?


    1. That happened to me when I bought my first forging hammer. The weight was listed in grams and I had no idea how that translated to pounds/ounces. Needless to say, I only use it for sledge type work now. That’s actually a good point, I’ll make sure and address that in the book. Thanks!


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