Wearing Jewelry

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As a teenager, I always wore jewelry – rings on every finger, different chains and strands of beads, ever changing earrings.  It was an extension of who I was.  As I got more and more into making things, I started wearing less and less jewelery.  Clay, photo chemicals, and constantly washing my dirty hands made me less prone to wear rings.  Ironically, it was making jewelry that stopped me wearing them altogether.

After college, I slowly went back to wearing jewelry.  I still don’t wear rings that often (except my wedding ring) and I can go days with out wearing anything else.*  Now jewelry has become more precious to me.  I’m back to jewelry as identity like when I was a teenager, only now my jewelry is made by me.  I carefully choose which necklace, bracelet, and/or ring to wear.  Sometimes I’ll even change my outfit to better show off a particular piece.

How has your jewelry wearing history evolved?  Is there one piece you never take off?  Do you change it often to fit your mood?

*I always wear earrings, but they are simple hoops that I never take out.

4 thoughts on “Wearing Jewelry

  1. I’m in a not-much-jewelry phase right now–once in a while I’ll wear a necklace I’ve made, or one by my friend who makes glass pendants. My favorite jewelry is earrings, but one of my piercings closed up and I haven’t gone to a piercer yet :/


  2. I’m just the opposite. I didn’t wear jewelry regularly before. I always wear jewelry now. Usually I just pick one “statement” piece and not wear other types of jewelry (i.e. a big ring, but not a bracelet, earrings and not a necklace, etc.) but sometimes I wear it all (in a tasteful way!)


  3. This post was right on the mark for me. I wore a lot of jewelry in high school and young adulthood and spent a lot of time looking for the”right piece”. Now that I make jewelry as a (partial) livelihood, I wear less, but think about what I’m wearing and why a lot harder.


  4. In high school and college I always wore my high school class ring (once I got it) and a black cord with a fish made of nails. Once I got married my wife “put an end to all that man jewelry,” and now I wear only and always my wedding ring. 🙂


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