Life Would Be Easier If…

Graduated Photo background for my EZ Cube - If only it didn't scratch...

I’ve shown you some of the tools that I do have.  Of course, there are many others that I would love to have and that would make certain things easier for me to do.  There are also some materials that I’m in dire of need of right now, but have been putting off ordering since this is the slo-o-o-o-o-w time of year for me.

  • Necklace Mandrel – not cheap, but would really help when I’m curving my collars
  • Guillotine Shears – also not cheap, but helps with getting sheet metal ready for workshops and cutting down the larger pieces I have for myself
  • Graduated Photo Background paper – This is a must have for photos of my work.  You can see it in all my official images, but the ones I have now have become so scratched up that I have spend inordinate amounts of time cleaning the scratches out of the images in Photoshop.
  • More Silver sheet and wire – I always need more of these and the price just keeps going up!
  • Some more dark yet sparkly stones
  • As always, more mushroom stakes and more hammers (right now particularly a larger sinking hammer)

There are many other things that I need, but these are the top of the list right now.  Do you feel sorry for me and want to help?  Here are three ways to help me get the materials and tools that I need:

  1. If you like my jewelry, buy some!  Either online or at Veleska Jewelry in Lancaster, PA or the Arts Barn in Schuylkill Haven, PA.
  2. Like what I’m doing but either don’t wear jewelry (or know anyone who wears jewelry), you make your own jewelry, or just want a cheaper alternative?  Buy some of my hammer merchandise on my Zazzle store.
  3. Just plain old give me money.  I accept cash, checks, PayPal, and credit card over the phone (MC Visa Discover).

I’m not trying to make anyone feel guilty or coerce you into sending me money.  Just feeling the waters.  Like I said, it’s a slow time of year for me right now.