Pistachios, Hot Wings, & Ribs

Bowl of "Wings"
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So, what do pistachios, hot wings, and ribs have in common with metalsmithing?  The satisfaction of the process.

I happen to love all three of those foods.  Not in spite of their difficulties, but (at least partially) because of them.  To me it’s satisfying to pull meat off of slow cooked ribs, to rip a part a hot wing (no, the drummies are NOT my favorite kind of wing!), ot to pry open the shell of a pistachio.  It turns eating into an event.  I feel like a participant in my meal.  Many people disagree with me about this (thus boneless wings and riblets.)

The process of making things gives me that same kind of satisfaction.  I am an active participant in each piece that I make (as is the wearer.)  If I spend all day doing computer work, I get things done (things I’m glad are done,) but it just wears me out.  Spending a whole day in the studio may physically tire me, but usually gets my brain juices flowing.  I can’t wait to get back into the studio the next time.  I know deep in my bones that I did something worthwhile.

Each person has their own “hot wings” activity.  A graphic designer probably gets pumped working on the computer.  Teachers get satisfaction from their students finally “getting it.”  Cops like it when they catch the bad guy.  What satisfies you?

P.S.  I also love picking crabs.  Taking a whole afternoon at a place like Harris‘ on the Eastern Shore is my idea of heaven.

2 thoughts on “Pistachios, Hot Wings, & Ribs

  1. I do get pumped when a design comes together.

    Plus I love all those foods too. Ribs not as much as wings, but I do like them every now and again.

    Crabs too, finally got to pick some this past summer after not doing so for years.


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