Sketches deciding how best to present this stone.

OK, I stole that from Tosh.0 but it was funny then and it’s still funny now.  But I am here to show my latest work in progress – Collar VII.  That’s right, another collar.  I can’t help it.  When the muse speaks to me I must listen and all she says lately is collar.

I’m still slowly working through all the stones I bought last year during my stone crazy moment in the Fall when my suppliers were all having sales.  This time I’m using the yellow agate from Tao Gems.  It’s huge, triangular, and full of olives and mustards.  Kind of swampy really.


Yellow Agate positioned where I anticipate the bezel going.
Everything is soldered, I just need to form and finish it.
Arty shot of the bezel after it is formed.
Detail of the back after cutting out the section showcasing the back of the stone. Yes, I know it needs to be filed!
Here is it all done except for oxidizing to darken it and then actually setting the stone.

There is actual texture on the silver fins, but you can’t really see that until I use the liver of sulfur on it.  I can’t help but notice that the stone matches my U2 shirt perfectly.  I should’ve done this on St Patrick’s Day.

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