My Smallest Stake

Railroad Spike Stake

Last week I showed you my smallest tool.  One of my Facebook peeps, Henry Weaver, mentioned that it looked like a railroad spike.  Well, little did he know that I actually have a tool made out of a railroad spike.  It’s one of the stakes* I have for forming metal hollowware pieces.  It is one of the tools I made during my college toolmaking class.  Let me tell you that class was one of my favorites.

Where this stake lives.
Stake ready for action.
You can see the curve of the head on this stake. That's the curve the metal sheet will get when it's hammered over this stake.

*stakes are like little anvils that metalsmiths use for shaping sheet metal

One thought on “My Smallest Stake

  1. The husband of a friend of mine is a railroad buff and gave me one of these spikes and also about a 5 inch section of railroad track. Unfortunately they have been well used and quite pitted. How would I get these smoothed out like your spike head? p.s. I love your blog and I am planing about a week long trip mid May to visit my daughter and go to see her receive her Masters Degree. She lives a few miles outside Valley Forge. How far would I have to drive to see you/see your wonderful jewelry. Especially the fold formed pieces. (do you give “tours” of your workshop?? or private lessons??)


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