Work in Progress: Dinosaur Tooth Pendant


Original sketch for this piece.

OK, it’s not really a dinosaur tooth but the shape reminds me of one!  I finally got some studio time in and I started and finished this pendant this afternoon.  It was originally going to be a ring, but I decided to turn it into a pendant instead.  It would’ve been a very large ring, now it is a small (for me!) pendant.  All in all it was a good day!


Rough cut backing.
Bezel is on and it's ready to be cut out.
Everything is together and it's ready to be oxidized.
Ready for the stones to go in. (Plus I finally oxidized a pinky ring I made.)
All done (except for a name) ©2011 WTEK sterling silver, peridot, Nipomo Marcasite Agate

You might remember this stone was originally a part of a two stone set.  Maybe I’ll make a matching ring with the other (smaller) stone.  Hhhhhmmmmm…


And finally, the back.