The Bench is All Cleared Off

Yesterday I finished everything up that had been put on hold during the SBC this year.  It felt like some of the pieces had been waiting a long time to be finished.  Here are some photos:

Remember this one? It's sterling silver, copper, and stromatolite
See the handmade chain with the four large copper links. This necklace fits over your head and hangs like a medieval locket.
I love the fun moving parts on this pendant. It's sterling silver and garnet.
Some earrings that unintentionally match the pendant. I have a pair without the stones also (the photo ended up blurry.)

I also have some good news.  I will be returning to both the PA Guild of Craftsmen’s shows in Wilmington, DE in July and Lancaster, PA in November!  I also have two more fold forming workshops in the works and will be visiting a new gallery next weekend that may be interested in showcasing some of my work.  I’ll let you know more as things unfold…

2 thoughts on “The Bench is All Cleared Off

  1. W- always a grand feeling to get the decks cleared and unfinished works completed. The ‘matching’ pendant and earrings look great – nice texture. Congratulations on the fact that you have a lot happening for you and your work. B


    1. Thanks, Barry! Sometimes it’s unmotivating though when there is nothing in process sitting on the bench and I’ve just finished a big project that absorbed my attention. Then I need to come up with something brand new to work on.


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