The Right Tool

The awesome gift I received from my awesome husband!

Yes, I’m talking tools again, but more metaphorically this time.  You may remember me blabbing about the Le Creuset my hubby got me for the Holidays this year.  I never would’ve spent the money on myself, but he’s so super awesome that he got it for me anyway.  It is the most expensive pot that you would ever buy.  Seriously.  But it is worth every single penny.  The enameled cast iron holds a nice even temperature and allows you to cook at lower heat settings.  I’ve never had onions brown so perfectly, fast, or sweetly as I have since using this pot.  Every dish I’ve made in it has come out better than it ever did in any other pot.  I’m not making this up!  I find dishes every week to make with it.  And clean up is a breeze!  No more scrubbing!  This is practically the only pot I’ll ever need.

So what is the point?  I’m trying to get them to send me free cookware.  No, not really (though they can if they want.)

Sometimes you have to put out the money for the right tool.

Not cheap, but I use this blow horn stake on almost every project.

This tool will make your life easier, your work will be done faster, you will have a higher quality of life.  You can keep buying cheap hammers that aren’t really right for what you’re working on, or you can purchase the more expensive, well-made, task specific ones that will last you years.  You can buy the jump-ringer system instead of sitting there and sawing a bunch of rings by hand.  You can buy the ______ that allows you to finally make ______.  You get the idea.

Yes, not everything that costs more is better.  Yes, you can sometimes gerry-rig a set-up that works for you (I do it all the time.)  But nothing compares to finally having that perfect tool that let’s you get the job done right the first time.  So set some money aside for that coveted tool, it will save you money and aggravation in the long run.

5 thoughts on “The Right Tool

  1. I know just what you mean – I make do most of the time but sometimes you just have to treat yourself – improving the quality of your work and the happiness levels in your workshop xx


    1. I use this stake for almost every project! The cone shape helps me to form bracelets and collars and the long tail helps with things like rings. Plus it has a flattish section that use for texturing and flattening wire.


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