Some Other SBC 2011 Participant’s Work

While you’re waiting for me to finish my bowl (everything but the base is done!), here are some pieces that other participants made.

Kylix-drinking bowl ©2011 Danielle Miller sterling silver (doubles as a Ring a Week project also)
Winter Beech ©2011 Julie Sanford copper, sterling
Urchin Bowl ©2011 Brad Severtson copper
Super Bowl ©2011 Su Trindle paper clay, resin, gold leaf

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Super Bowl 2011 ©2011 Ed Kokko brass
13x4 Black Cherry Salad Bowl ©2011 Brad Sears black cherry
Woodland Wonders ©2011 Fiona McAllister resin

If anyone else participated but didn’t add any photos to the Flickr stream, link in the comments to your blog post, Facebook note, or anywhere else you showcased your project so that we all can see what you did!

(And I promise that images of my completed bowl will be up later this week!)

2 thoughts on “Some Other SBC 2011 Participant’s Work

  1. Thanks Wendy! It was fun participating, watching the excitememt build, and seeing the amazing bowls emerge from other studios. Looking forward to next year!


  2. This is marvelous work, Wendy. I’m delighted to be including in such company! And, btw, thanks for sponsoring this effort once again.

    All the best,


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