Super Bowl Challenge 2011 In Progress

Unfortunately, my Super Bowl is going into overtime.  Even with starting it super early and (what I thought was) simplifying the design (that became a little more complex anyway), I couldn’t finish it all today.  I still need to make some bars and rivet everything together after oxidizing the bronze (the torch patina can’t stay since my saw blade broke and the frame scratched the bowl.)  It will be finished tomorrow (Monday February 7th) and I’ll post more pics then as well as showcase some of the other participants bowls.  For now, some in process photos to keep you salivating…

Simplified Design
But what if I cut out a pice of the base to match the bowl?
And I can't leave this piece whole...
Revamped Design
Bowl all cut out at end of Saturday...
Bowl at end of Super Bowl Sunday

I really love the way it’s turning out, so I don’t mind if it takes a little longer to get it all right.

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