The Joss Whedon of Jewelry

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Some of you might not know who Joss Whedon is.  Even if I told you that he’s the mastermind behind Firefly, Dollhouse, and Dr Horrible, you have no idea what I’m talking about.  You might know about Buffy, but still not know who he is.  There are a chosen few who know everything about him and look forward with eager anticipation to each of his new projects.  These are his super fans.

Even with this cult following, Joss’s shows always seem to get canceled.  Then there’s an outcry, a petition.  Buffy was brought back this way, but no such luck for the rest of them.  Does this stop him from coming up with new ideas?  Does this make him change his artistic vision to make the shows more popular?  No!  He knows that he has that core group of fans that will always be there watching his shows… that is, unless he changes them to be more palatable to the average TV viewer.

This is how I want to be.  I want to remain true to my artistic vision.  I’m not looking to win over all of Zales’ customers.  I want to reach those people who get what my work is about.  I want to cultivate a core group of collectors who can’t wait until I start a new series of necklaces.  Fans who keep coming back because they know that they are part of an elite, underground group that appreciates my art.

I know that my jewelry isn’t for everyone.  I do have collectors who come back again and again to buy new work from me.  They tell me how much they love my ring/cuff/pendant and then buy something else.  They bring their friends with them.  These are the people who keep me going.  These are my super fans.

Now, I’m not saying that I am the Joss Whedon of jewelry (even if the title of this post implies that.)  I know I’m not quite there yet.  But I do want be true to myself and to make quality pieces of jewelry that share my unique vision with those who appreciate it.  And I hope that you’ll join me on all my adventures.

4 thoughts on “The Joss Whedon of Jewelry

  1. This is so true and I share your belief in staying true to yourself as an artist and finding that target audience / collector for your work. I think many of us art jewelers, and artists in general, strive for that. Very good post. And I am a fan of Joss Whedon’s work too! Thanks Wendy.


  2. Well said, Wendy. Who wants to be like everybody else – like anybody else, as a matter of fact. You are an artist because you have a vision and you remain true to it. You are a successful artist because your vision is beautiful and your technique is stunning!


  3. From a fellow “Whedonite” and fellow jewlery maker I completely understand what you are saying here. All it takes are some very special fans or groupies to make it all worth while!


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