Odds & Ends

Stromatolite - this stone is the focus of my new pendant

New Work:
After finishing those last two collars, I took a little break from the studio to get some computer stuff done.  Today I returned and began work on a pendant I’ve been contemplating for months now.  I still need to figure out how to put it all together, and then I’ll share pics.

Change in cords: After hearing about a couple of customers having difficulties with some of the clasps on my rubber corded pendants, I have decided to switch to cords that come with a clasp already.  That means that there won’t be one of my handmade hook clasps, but hopefully they will work better for everyone.

Cuff Fitting: I have a couple of photos that show where to measure your wrist if you are worried about how one of my cuffs will fit you.  This is also what I need if I am going to make one just for your extra small or large wrist.

wrist measurement around - use a tape measure for this measurement
wrist measurement side - use a ruler for this measurement

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    1. Laurie,
      I do teach a fold forming workshop and I’m in the process of setting up another one of these in Central Pennsylvania. I am also working on ideas for a new workshop to offer as well.


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