Some Top Posts and Links

It’s that time of year again, when we look back and count down.  Here are some of my top posts and what not for the year:

Top 5 Posts of 2011

5. Studio Tour – Part Two

4.   Get to Better Know Your Hammer-Raising Hammers

3.   Jewelry in Mythology – Brisingamen

2.   Get to Better Know Your Hammer-Planishing Hammer

1.   Fun with Fold Forming

(The all time most viewed list is almost exactly the same as this)

Top 7 Search Terms (How people found their way here)

7.   Brisingamen

6.   Sword of Truth

5.   Raising Hammer

4.    Karen Lamonte

3.    Hammermarks

2.    Planishing

1.    Fold Forming

Top 6 Links Clicked on Hammermarks

6.   Veleska Jewelry

5.    Creative Every Day

4.    My Flickr Photo Stream

3.    My Etsy Shop

2.    My Facebook Page

1.    Hammerstroke & Fire

Do you agree with the popular vote?  Which were your favorite posts this year?