My 2010 Goals – Final Check-in

You are now familiar with my new set-up!

Just about a year ago, I posted My 7 Goals for 2010.

  1. To have an indoor booth set-up
  2. To do 3-5 craft shows
  3. Find new galleries to showcase my work
  4. To teach a workshop
  5. To participate in at least four exhibitions
  6. To sell enough to make back my expenses
  7. To host an open studio or trunk show


Did I accomplish all of them? Short answer: No.

  1. Typical Workshop Scene

    You know I accomplished this one.  I took a whole month off from metalworking to make all my displays and I think that the new set-up really has made a difference.


  2. I did four craft shows this year, so this one gets another check mark.
  3. I accomplished the exact opposite of this.  Two of my three galleries closed down in 2010 – a month apart!  I contacted numerous other galleries, but most aren’t accepting new artists at this time.  I can’t say that I blame them, but it still makes it hard.
  4. I taught two workshops in 2010 so I double accomplished this goal! (I have another one scheduled on January 29th, 2011 at Millersville University)
  5. I had work in three exhibitions this year, so I almost get to check this one off.  If you want to count the shared showcase at Veleska, then I do get to check it off.
  6. After the show in Delaware, I really thought that this goal would be accomplished.  It wasn’t, but it’s the closest I’ve ever come.
  7. Somehow I never ended up even working on this goal.  We’ll save it for next year…

I want to stress that 2010 was the best year for my jewelry artist career ever (so far!) and that I expect to make 2011 even better.  You’ll find out what my goals are for that soon.  How about you?  Did you achieve any (or all) of your goals for 2010?  Leave a comment and let us know how you did.

2 thoughts on “My 2010 Goals – Final Check-in

  1. I say, well done! Imagine what you’d get done without the goals. Clearly these were a bit of a reach which is perfect.

    I didn’t aim high enough. I wanted to get into the local co-op gallery, have more than 25 followers on Facebook, find an artist community on FB and Twitter, and sell something from ImageKind. I did all that and started up sales on RedBubble too, plus had a small solo show. Best art year ever for me too! Still not covering expenses either — good one for next year.

    Love the collars — looking forward to seeing your upcoming work!


    1. Sometimes it helps to have a few attainable goals to give you confidence. Then you can start reaching for the sky and for impossible things and not feel as bad if you can’t achieve them right away. You just have to keep trying, and it sounds like you accomplished a lot!


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