Jewelry Speak Demystified

Aluminum Forging Samples

Many times, asking a jeweler about his/her work leads to a discussion that might as well be in Chinese for all the jargon that gets thrown at you.  Here are some definitions to help you decipher the code.

Cold Connections – combining different parts without using a torch to solder or fuse metal together.  e.g.: riveting, nuts and bolts, wire wrapping, stone setting

Forging – using a hammer and a stake (or anvil) to elongate, flatten, or bend metal rod or wire.

Bezel Set Stone

Bezel – the metal band that holds a stone in place.  This is the setting you see most often that is not a prong setting.

Fold Forming – a particular technique for shaping or texturing sheet metal that uses folding, creasing, and flattening to create 3D shapes and designs.

Patina – color given to metal either using chemicals or heat.  e.g.: antiqued brass