On the First Day of Cuffmas…


Scales - sterling silver fold formed cuff ©2010

Today is the official start of the 12 Days of Cuffmas and I have a beautiful cuff to share with you.  I call this piece Scales because it reminds me of dragon skin.  First, I textured the sheet of silver using my giant sledge hammer.  Then I folded it and used a technique called “chasing over air” where I used a domed hammer to create the fabulous indentations in the bracelet.  I used a raising hammer to bring a little more texture into the cuff and then formed it into a cuff shape.

This cuff measures 2″ x 2.5″ x 1.75″ and is oxidized with liver of sulfur.  Remember, for each cuff purchased through my online Etsy shop, $10.00 will be donated to Heifer International and you can have free gift wrap!

2 thoughts on “On the First Day of Cuffmas…

  1. Love the “Cuffmas” title 🙂 That’s a really cool cuff you created. It’ll sure make a nice gift for someone special! You’ve also chosen one of my favorite charities to contribute to. BTW, what gauge sheet metal did you use? It may help to mention how sturdy the cuff is in your description.


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