December Artist of the Month – Liz Hall


Spring Fling silver necklace with polymer clay and gem stones ©2010 Liz Hall Lizard's Jewelry

Polymer clay and PMC can get a bad rap.  So many people aren’t able to move past their stigmas.  Liz Hall is an artist who has lifted these materials beyond their perceived limitations to create beautiful jewelry.  Her pieces are colorful and fun and I love all the little squiggles, dots, and spirals in her designs.


Silver and polymer Belt Buckle ©2010 Liz Hall Lizard's Jewelry

Here is a quote from her artist statement:

My work combines precious metals, stones, plastics, glass or whatever shiny object catches my eye.  My designs are contemporary, combining both organic and geometric forms, usually with unusual and colorful stones, glass or found materials.  I consider each one of my pieces a little piece of fine art.

You can visit Liz Hall’s website, purchase her work at her Lizards Jewelry shop on Etsy, and find her updates on her Facebook page.